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How to get free MATIC: Use a faucet!

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Use a faucet to get free MATIC
For a complete read with many more tips, check out:

People tend to bridge their stable coins or ETH over to Polygon and forget that they need MATIC tokens to pay for gas fees on the other side.

If you don’t have any MATIC tokens in your Polygon wallet, then you can’t move funds once the bridge deposits your stable coins.

To avoid the stress, bridge your ERC20 or BEP20 MATIC tokens over to Polygon first. Once your tokens have been bridged over, you’ll have native MATIC tokens to pay for transactions.

If you’re still stuck after bridging funds and need MATIC for gas, you’re in luck!

1 MATIC token can pay for around 100 transactions, so you don’t need many and there are several faucets that distribute MATIC tokens for free.

Instead of hunting the internet for airdrops, use an official faucet. BE VERY LEARY OF AIRDROPS! They are often scams that empty your wallet.

A cryptocurrency faucet: is a website that gives away small amounts of crypto for free, so that you can start using the network without buying the token needed for gas.

Projects use faucets to help onboard new users and can run out of tokens, so we’ll provide links to several.

Get 0.001 free MATIC by connecting your wallet to Polygon Network
This one’s as easy as it gets, so please know that you receive 0.001 free MATIC for simply linking your wallet to the Polygon network.

If that didn’t work for you, let’s move on to the next option.

Get 0.0005 free MATIC by using the official Polygon faucet
This is the #1 suggested faucet.
1. Navigate to
2. Make sure your Metamask or web 3.0 wallet is connected to the Polygon blockchain.
3. Checkmark the box, proving that you’re human and link your wallet to the website
4. Click the “receive” button
5. Check your MATIC balance

If the faucet is out of tokens when you need them, you’re still in luck!

Get 0.001 free MATIC at Firebird Finance
Firebird Finance is a DeFi project on Polygon.
1. Visit their faucet at
2. Checkmark the captcha box to prove you are human
3. Connect your Metamask or other web 3.0 wallet to their website
4. You’ll see that it automatically imports your wallet’s receiving address
5. Click “receive”
6. Within a few seconds you should see a deposit of .001 MATIC

Now use the “swap” feature at Firebird Finance to trade your stable coin for some MATIC. You’ll then have the funds to pay for thousands of transactions on Polygon and hopefully won’t have to worry about this ever again.

Get 0.001 free MATIC at Mac N Cheese Finance
MacNCheese.Finance is a DeFi project built on Polygon.
1. Visit their faucet here:
2. Copy your Metamask receiving address while connected to the Polygon blockchain.
3. Paste that Polygon mainnet wallet address into the bar at the top of the Mac N Cheese faucet page and press “enter.”
4. Within a few seconds you should see your MATIC balance increase by 0.001

Now, swap a few stable coins or ETH for MATIC. Use a decentralized exchange (DEX) like, Firebird Finance, QuickSwap, or SushiSwap.

Get free MATIC using the Coinbase Earn program
The Coinbase Earn program allows users to earn free tokens by watching videos and answering a quiz question or two. It’s not a faucet, but is a way to get free MATIC tokens.

The MATIC tokens you get from the Coinbase Earn program will be ERC20, so you’ll have to bridge them over to Polygon using the POS bridge.

Ask Polygon support for free MATIC tokens
If none of that works, then it’s worth asking the team for help. Polygon’s official website is . Find their social media channels, where you can reach out to their team. I’ve found that they’re easiest to reach in their Discord server.

If none of the suggestions above work for you, try a gasless swap at

If you plan to HODL your MATIC tokens for the long term, use them to generate passive income. Stake your tokens with our validator node and get paid block rewards. Check out our great MATIC staking tutorial:

For more detail check out:

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