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How to Avoid Ethereum Gas Fees With Polygon / MATIC

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0:00 – How To Avoid Gas Fees With Polygon
1:02 – Step 1: Purchase Polygon
1:29 – Step 2: Have Metamask
1:53 – Step 3: Set up Matic Network on Metamask Wallet
2:43 – Step 4: Use Polygon
3:30 – Step 5: Transfer MATIC into the Polygon Network
4:29 – Step 6: QuickSwap
6:00 – Outro

Step 1: Purchase Polygon. You don’t need a lot of Polygon, so $20 will be enough to get you started on the Matic (Polygon) network. I would recommend purchasing from an exchange like Coinbase and then transferring that directly to Metamask. I don’t recommend using another currency swap at the moment, since the point of this tutorial is to help you get set up for better currency swaps.

Step 2: Have Metamask. You need Metamask. There’s no way around it. You can add it as a browser extension or install it as an app on your phone. Metamask is like the Facebook login button for the dark net. You can conveniently carry your account across multiple apps and services, all while getting access to a great wallet that works well in operating on different networks with built-in currency swaps.

Step 3: Set up the Matic network on your Metamask Wallet. You do this by clicking the Metamask icon in your browser, selecting the network (usually Etherium Mainnet) and choosing the last option “Custom RPC”. This will let you connect to a new server. Enter Polygon as the Network name, an RPC URL, such as , a chain ID of 137 M-A-T-I-C as the currency symbol, and in the last row. This is where most guides stop. They fail to mention:
Step 4: Use Polygon! There are like 3 different landing pages for Polygon, and people are still referring to it as Matic, even though they changed the name back in February. So when I first started out, I had no idea that I had to go to to actually use Polygon. You’ll want to connect your Metamask there, and take advantage of 2 features:
The Polygon Wallet &
The Polygon Bridge
Why they decided to keep these two features separate of each other, I have no idea. But in order to cash out the wrapped Etherium or wETH that you received in a sale, or transfer MATIC into Polygon for your first swap, you’ll need to use the Polygon Bridge.
Step 5: Transfer MATIC into the Polygon Network. First you’ll need to make sure that you are connected to the Matic Mainnet on Metamask. Once you’ve confirmed that you’re connected, transfer the MATIC from the Etherium Mainnet to the Matic mainnet, using a Plasma Bridge. If you’re on the right page, it’s easier to do than it sounds. Note: You could also convert a different crypto to Matic at this point using the Plasma Bridge, but the fees will be higher for including a currency swap. And yes, there is an Etherium gas fee for every time you use the Plasma Bridge. I know… in order to avoid paying gas fees with Matic, you have to pay a gas fee. The fee on Etherium NFT transfers has been around $80 lately, so you’ll only want to use the Matic network for currency swaps, if you plan on swapping a currency more than once.
So how do we do it?
Step 6: Go to another website that no one told you about: QuickSwap On QuickSwap, you can connect your Metamask wallet on the Matic Mainnet in order to finally get those currency swaps you have been searching for. The tool is fairly straightforward, and it links back to the Polygon network if you click Bridge Assets on the top right.
Since we already know how to bridge Polygon to the Etherium mainnet, I’m sure that you’ll be able to figure out withdrawals. Just switch the bridge from Polygon to Etherium by clicking the switch icon in the Polygon Bridge, and you’re good to go! You may be interested in using Polygon now to mint NFTs and transfer them at a very low price, but keep in mind, that as of October, 2021, OpenSea has set the default property of all newly transferred MATIC NFTs as hidden.


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